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A bit of a goof, and some new translations


Hey y'all. We just want to greet everyone who has been coming in to the site. Since the last update, we've managed to add a ton of new language files. From Hungarian to French to Vietnamese, we've gotten a ton of them, but we're still looking for more. If you know a language that we currently don't have, we'd love for you to participate.

We'd also like to discuss some things that we're working on right now. Apps are on the horizon, since everyone wants it. But we're working on a lot of other features. Planned features are User accounts, and the reason for this is because we are also planning on completely revamping the current exhale/inhale process to make it completely customizable. You'll be able to make completely custom steps, control repetitions, or even length of time. These new features should allow yoga and meditation people to set up breathing sessions, and for individuals to gain a lot more control over everything.

There are new visualizations coming, there are timers that are going to be usable, there is a lot of stuff happening. Somehow though, we have to keep everything simple. We know that the main feature people love about us is the simplicity of our interface. So we have no intention of changing that.

... I mean... we can do that... right? Add lots of features and keep it simple? That's possible right?


A bit of a goof, and some new translations

Oh man. We goofed. There was some bad code pushed out over the last couple days, and it was causing the script to wig out sometimes. We think the problem has been solved now, but please email Hamilton if you ever experience a problem with the site.

We are so pleased to say we have two new translations for your perusing and sharing pleasure! eXHALeR has been translated into Chinese and Russian, thanks to the efforts of 郑长缨 and Ria Carmin. It's very exciting to see our language files expand, and please check out the Github Repo if you're interested in contributing.

Help out and contribute your language

One of the most exciting new developments in the course of this application is the inclusion of internationalization language files. With these files we can customize the xhalr experience to any language, so that everyone can experience the breathing lessons in a natural way.

The first translated language is to Brazilian Portuguese. Thanks to the help of Luisa Ambros from we were compelled to push forward language development, and we think the result is fantastic.

But we need your help to produce more languages. If you are interested in helping, head over to Github and fork the project to add your own language file and help us expand the reach of xhalr even further. If github seems scary, don't worry too much. Copy the english file and change the values to whatever seems appropriate and email the file to Hamilton. Just make sure to include your contributor information.

Some News About Breathing

Welcome to a section for news about xhalr and breathing in general. Soon this spot will be filled with updates about the app, what we're planning, and how you can help. It will also be filled with tips for breathing, patterns for the xhalr breaths, and also exercises that can be performed while doing your daily meditation.

I'd like this spot to be a help to everyone who is going on their journey of exercise and self improvement through meditating and relaxation.