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Calling out the schools


People find this site in all kinds of ways. One of the ways is through school portals. I can see it happening, and I thought I'd call y'all out and say "hey". If you came from one of those schools, I'd love to hear from you and find out how the school is promoting this site, and whether you're just visiting, or you found it useful.

Shout out to Saint Leo University in Florida. I love that educators have opened up to xhalr as a way to help out students coping with the anxiety of education. Whether it be high school or higher education.

Did this site help you out during your education? Are you an educator who recommends this site to students? I'd love to hear from you all. Come join the conversation at the Xhalr Patreon.

Hello from a few years later


Hello there.

The interesting thing about the internet, is that you can make a simple thing, and then sort of forget about it for the most part. But it can become very important to other people.

Every once in a while I come back to this page and make little changes and improvements. There hasn't been a big improvement in quite some time. But people use this page. I know they do, because they link it all the time. I recently got an upsurge in traffic again. It's very difficult sometimes, with the way the web works these days, to tell how some of that traffic is created. I'd love to know. I'd love if you shared the site or embedded it to give me a shout on twitter @bronkula or something.

I'm also going to bring up something that I've never bothered to nor needed to bring up before. This site normally costs very little to maintain. I am quite happy to maintain it for the rest of time, or until I'm physically unable. If you feel some over burdened sense of something to help with those costs, I am setting up a Patreon page. You can visit that here. If you've never used patreon before, You can subscribe to creators to enable their works by paying them. I have set up a simple monthly setup, and you are in NO WAY required to do this. But I thought I would give people the option.

If 10 people become patrons over there, I will remove the single ad on this site, as that will more than cover its monthly costs. If you have ideas for what this site needs, or interesting ways of bringing together community, leave a message on the first post there.

Hello from the inside of a crisis


A couple days ago, I got a notice that my site was receiving a large amount of hits. This morning I got another. Welcome from the website

A long time ago, I made it possible for this site to be embedded into other websites. I actually made that ability before it was necessary for sites to be ssl encoded for most of the internet or browsers. Things have changed, and although I've been receiving a lot of traffic from that site, I noticed my embed wasn't working.

I think I've fixed the embedding issues. And also, the look of the breathing circle has gotten a bit of an update. If there's anything not working in the newest version, please let me know.


So about that problem...


Hello there, faithful user of this thing I made, and apparently haven't updated in years.

I know that for some of you, this is an important tool. I take that responsibility very seriously, even though I haven't made many efforts to update recently. I have a lot of half started versions of updates.

Recently not only has the world gone crazy, making this site even more important to some of you, but a number of you messaged me with concerns about the site not working.

I think it's working again. Thank you so much for your concern, and your proactive attempts to get me to fix things. I promise to do better in the future. I am going to be rewriting this project in React soon. If any of you are interested in those kind of shenanigans, please dm me on Twitter.

Other than that, thank you so much to everyone who continues to use this, and keeps me honest about it.


A bit of a goof, and some new translations


Hey y'all. We just want to greet everyone who has been coming in to the site. Since the last update, we've managed to add a ton of new language files. From Hungarian to French to Vietnamese, we've gotten a ton of them, but we're still looking for more. If you know a language that we currently don't have, we'd love for you to participate.

We'd also like to discuss some things that we're working on right now. Apps are on the horizon, since everyone wants it. But we're working on a lot of other features. Planned features are User accounts, and the reason for this is because we are also planning on completely revamping the current exhale/inhale process to make it completely customizable. You'll be able to make completely custom steps, control repetitions, or even length of time. These new features should allow yoga and meditation people to set up breathing sessions, and for individuals to gain a lot more control over everything.

There are new visualizations coming, there are timers that are going to be usable, there is a lot of stuff happening. Somehow though, we have to keep everything simple. We know that the main feature people love about us is the simplicity of our interface. So we have no intention of changing that.

... I mean... we can do that... right? Add lots of features and keep it simple? That's possible right?


A bit of a goof, and some new translations

Oh man. We goofed. There was some bad code pushed out over the last couple days, and it was causing the script to wig out sometimes. We think the problem has been solved now, but please email Hamilton if you ever experience a problem with the site.

We are so pleased to say we have two new translations for your perusing and sharing pleasure! eXHALeR has been translated into Chinese and Russian, thanks to the efforts of 郑长缨 and Ria Carmin. It's very exciting to see our language files expand, and please check out the Github Repo if you're interested in contributing.

Help out and contribute your language

One of the most exciting new developments in the course of this application is the inclusion of internationalization language files. With these files we can customize the xhalr experience to any language, so that everyone can experience the breathing lessons in a natural way.

The first translated language is to Brazilian Portuguese. Thanks to the help of Luisa Ambros from we were compelled to push forward language development, and we think the result is fantastic.

But we need your help to produce more languages. If you are interested in helping, head over to Github and fork the project to add your own language file and help us expand the reach of xhalr even further. If github seems scary, don't worry too much. Copy the english file and change the values to whatever seems appropriate and email the file to Hamilton. Just make sure to include your contributor information.

Some News About Breathing

Welcome to a section for news about xhalr and breathing in general. Soon this spot will be filled with updates about the app, what we're planning, and how you can help. It will also be filled with tips for breathing, patterns for the xhalr breaths, and also exercises that can be performed while doing your daily meditation.

I'd like this spot to be a help to everyone who is going on their journey of exercise and self improvement through meditating and relaxation.